Directions to Rancho Sol y Mar:


GPS Coordinates: 20° 14' 59" N  105° 34' 49" W

*Note: As of December, 2018, the bus service between El Tuito and Mayto is no longer running!!!.

Buses from Puerto Vallarta to El Tuito leave Vallarta's old “romantic zone" at the corner of Carranzas and Aquacate (near the big Farmacia Guadalajara) hourly on the half hour throughout the day. You can buy a ticket at the small Primera Plus office a few doors down, or simply pay on the bus (about 50 pesos). If you are planning on hitching down to the ranch from El Tuito, you will want to get the 2:30 bus, in order to be in El Tuito by 3:30pm, which should leave plenty of time to catch a ride down to Mayto before dark. 

Note: From the Airport you have several options for getting to El Tuito. 

Option #1) Public buses across town, to where the bus for El Tuito leaves, pick up every few minutes under the big walking bridge, over the highway, just outside the airport international arrival lobby. Take any of the buses that say “tuneles” or "Zona Romantica". 

a. If you end up on a Zona Romantica bus, ask to be let off as close as possible to the big Farmacia Guadalajara, a few blocks from the intersection of Aquacate & Carranzas, where you catch a 2nd, hourly bus for El Tuito.

b. Buses marked “túneles” directly pass the intersection of Aquacate & Carranzas, where you catch a 2nd bus for El Tuito. The bus stop / intersection is about 4-5 blocks past where the bus exits from the 2nd tunnel and enters to neighborhood with cobblestone streets.

Option #2) The second bus option to get to El Tuito is to take the coastal toward Barra de Navidad which leaves from the main Centro de Camiones, on the same road as the airport, about a mile North from the airport. This bus leaves every 2 hours, on the half hour, and drops off outside of El Tuito on highway 200. From there you can walk to the road from El Tuito to Mayto which exits El Tuito near the central plaza (about one kilometer). Alternatively, you can catch a cab there, or all the way to the ranch (about 600 pesos). 

note: This second option for getting to El Tuito is simpler in some ways, but more complicated in others. Simpler in that it goes straight to El Tuito without having to negotiate Vallarta and find the El Tuito bus stop, but more complicated in that it’s a mile to get to the Centro de Camioneras from the airport, and also because once in El tTuito, the coastal bus drops you out on the main highway, rather than in town, closer to where the road heads to Mayto.

This is also a great option if you are arriving to Vallarta by bus, since you will already be starting from the Centro de Camioneras. 

Option #3) Taxi. Reservations and payment is handled inside the airport. You will be going to the corner of Carranzas and Aguacate in the Romantic Zone, near the main Farmacia Guadalajara. The last we checked this was considered Zone 2, a 30 pesos cab fare.

Option #4) Have us arrange for a local Mayto driver to come pick you up at the airport. About $100 U.S.

From El Tuito (options #1- #3 above)  Don’t get off of the Vallarta bus at the highway stop in El Tuito, but instead stay on until you arrive at the main plaza. From there is a new bus service from El Tuito to our town, Mayto. The schedule isn’t totally firmed up, so you’ll want to be in Tuito early to not miss it. It probably leaves around three, but I’d suggest being there by two. It’s also uncertain exactly where it leaves from. Most likely the main plaza, but if you speak Spanish, ask around. It’s a regular yellow school bus. From Mayto town we’re a 5-10 minute walk, or you can ask around for a ride (Maytonians are friendly!). Passing through Mayto, heading south, the road will jog right, then left, then there will be an intersection where the road to the beach joins on the right. Take that right, then first left. About 200 yards further on you will come to a 90degree right where you’ll see our sign. Our gate is on the left. Beinvenidos!

Alternatively to the Tuito/Mayto bus,  you can hitchhike or take a cab down to the ranch. Hitchhiking is a perfectly viable option. To hitchhike, follow the road out of the main square to the first bridge leaving town, about 500 meters from Southwest corner of the square.

If your flight arrives later than noon, we suggest an overnight in Puerto Vallarta. There are two Youth Hostels, downtown, plus private rooms beginning about 180/night. If overnighting in El Tuito, there is a basic hotel on the main highway, or a nice, gringo owned guest house La Joya de Tuito.

The bus to Mayto leaves between 2:30 & 3:00 PM daily from the main square in El Tuito (IF IT IS RUNNING - BE SURE TO ASK!). There is a sign for El Cielito & Hotel Mayto where the main road leaves the far corner of the main square. 

When in service, the bus back to El Tuito departs Mayto at  7:00AM. there are a also a couple of local drivers that can take you to Puerto Vallarta for about 1200-1500 if they are available and if you prefer a later departure.

By Bus or Taxi


From Puerto Vallarta Airport through town:

Head South along the main boulevard south from the airport. Walmart will be a mile or so down on your left.

Continue South until you see sign for the “Libramiento” which will fork off to the left another mile or so down. The Libramiento is the ring road which bypasses most of Vallarta and gets you headed south toward Boca De Tomatlan & Barre De Navidad.

After going through a couple of tunnels and skirting much of Vallarta on the Libramiento the main route continues through part of the old, cobblestone streets of “romantic” zone where the left turn for Barre de Navidad is well marked.

Be sure to fill up on gas at the Pemex Station just after making the left turn for Barre De Navidad.After Leaving Puerto Vallarta:

Follow Coastal Rt. 200 South toward Barre for about 45 minutes to the village of El Tuito. Just before reaching El Tuito, there is an impressive new divided boulevard into town on the right with impressive big new streetlights and an impressive big new sign listing all of the beach towns. Take that road!

At the end of the boulevard, stay on main road (bearing slightly left) after the bridge as you enter town. Look for signs to El Cielito.

Make a right at the T  intersection.

Follow the road to the main square, (to the right across the square is the LAST ATM.)

At far corner of square is  a cool bar  “Machis” if your parched and need a beer for the road ahead. Turn left at the far left (southwest) corner of the square, follow signs for Hotel Mayto, El Rinconcito, El Cielito. As of Jan 2016, the pavement ends at the village of Llano Grande, about halfway to Mayto.  Continue on looking for Rancho Maguey on the left, this is the place to stop for a shot of the authentic local fire water “Raicia”. Please drink responsibility (if at all) and assign a designated driver if you’re going to make an extended stop at either place.

As you pass through the village of Llano Grande. Follow the signs for Mayto Hotel a jogging right, then left, then right through town.

The pavement begins again at Los Conejos ranch, about 10 minutes from the village of Mayto.

Continue on through town, take right at intersection outside of town with sign for Hotel Mayto. After one block, take left (signs for Hotel Mayto and El Rinconcito. Our gate is on the left at the next 90 degree right curve. There’s a sign next to the gate for El Rinconcito.