Rancho Sol y Mar
Sustainable Living Center

View of beautiful Mayto Beach. The Inn and Community Building are constructed using adobe, compressed earth block, Cob, and other local materials. Mayto Beach, Jalisco, Mexico.

Bienvenidos al Rancho Sol y Mar!

(Rancho Sol y Mar is pronounced rancho sol “eee” mar and means “rancho sun & sea”)

RSM is a working, off-grid ranch and Inn located two hours south of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. At Rancho Sol y Mar, we use the power of the sun to create electricity, heat, pump and recycle water, as well as cooking and dehydrating the organic foods we grow! We have chickens,ducks, 3 mischievous donkeys, 2 cattle dogs, 3 cats and a rollicking herd of happy goats from which we produce artisanal cheeses. We build with adobe, compressed earthblock, cob, stone, and other natural, locally sourced building materials.

Visitors please note: Tours of the ranch are by appointment only, and last 1-2 hours. A minimum tip of 50 pesos per person is requested by your friendly tour guide. Please email at least one day ahead of a desired visit.

Liz & Holly enjoying serious snuggle time w/ baby goats...

Mayto is paradise, located 2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta it has seen almost no commercial development and offers one of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in Mexico. 

Five minutes drive from Mayto (population approximately 200) is the village of Tehuamixtle, a beautiful fishing village of about 100 people, a picturesque cove tucked into a rocky headland, it offers a calm, swimmable beach and four seafood restaurants.

Ranch Owners Holly Hunter and Dan Gair both have a track record of running successful businesses and of contributing their time and resources to their local community. Neighbors in Mayto have warmly welcomed them and visitors to the ranch.  They are committed to making a positive contribution to the Cabo Corrientes community and strive to be a positive influence for environmental consciousness.

Rancho Sol y Mar projects are 100% sustainable and planned for the greatest possible, net positive ecological impact. Rancho Sol y Mar operates under the principals set forth in the following mission statement:

Rancho Sol y Mar

Mission Statement:

To promote healthful, sustainable living, education, and construction practices.

Making adobe block for the community building and solar shed, 2010.

Sunset at Lover’s Beach, a short walk from the ranch.

The Rancho Sol y Mar Vision:

Vision Statement from ranch owners Holly and Dan:

“We have been given an incredible opportunity as stewards of this property, our mission statement is the beacon that guides us. Together with friends, family, and other participants, we are striving to create a flexible, truly sustainable, working environment based on common goals and open spirit.”

  1. 1) For Profit Activities:

note: all of our “for profit” programs are intended to provide exceptional value and helping the ranch to reach its goal of  financial sustainability, while providing respectable, well paying employment for the community.

  1. a. Eco Stays in our Compressed Earth Block Guest House

  1. b. Solar PV & Thermal design, installation, and consulting service (Sun Dog Solar Services).

  1. c. Educational ranch stays plus sustainability, yoga, and other health related retreats and workshops.

  1. 2) Non Profit Activities:

  2. a. Sustainability resource center for the Costa Alegre / Cabo Corrientes region.

  3. b. Green space with horse, mountain bike, and walking trails.

  4. c. Working solar,Aquaponics, permaculture, and water conservation demonstration projects.

  5. d. Permaculture food forest

  6. e. Community classes & educational workshops (see events).

note* all rental and residential structures are designed for “off the grid or grid tied” using Adobe, Compressed Earth Block, Cob, or other natural, local materials, solar electric & water heating.

For More Specifics on Rancho Sol y Mar Sustainability Please Visit: Sustainability@RanchoSolyMar

Ongoing Projects (2014)

  1. 1) Continue on Permaculture Master Plan for the property and finalize approvals for subdivision of vesting lots. The Master Plan will include travel ways, individual lots (laid out so that they could be used as intentional community housing areas and/or private house lots), a terraced, permaculture food forest, additional agricultural & forestry parcels, commercial zone along the back road for possible future business activity, community wild space with walking/riding trails, and one or two other parcels for possible sale or lease at the back end of the property. A full topographical study, the first step in creating the Master Plan, has been completed and subdivision approvals are well under way.

  2. 2) Continue water distribution infrastructure. (our new 30,000 liter water storage and plunge pool facility is now up and running with gravity fed, branched, zoned, drip irrigation lines are in place!)

3) Commercial organic, true free range egg production (now online!)

4) Group camping facilities (group tenting shade ramadas, dry composting toilets, and outdoor showers (now in service!)

5) Begin permaculture food forest, indigenous hardwood tree plantings, organic vegetable gardens, composting, xeriscape landscaping, and begin indigenous plantings nursery.

6) Begin workshop series (see “events”).

(2015 & beyond...)

1) Create possible café & farm stand.

2) Launch secondary non-profit business ventures and local “give back” initiatives.

  1. 4)Begin fuel alcohol experimentation

  2. 5)Completion of office center, milking salon, commercial kitchen and exploration of other possible business activities...

From Top Left: Holly & Alex planting 100 new palms, Yamir working on bath house, Riley doing solar install. Solar Off-Grid Bathhouse nearing completion. Dan’s first (successful) cement job. Boys fishing in nearby Via Del Mar, Porch of the existing ranch house. Hotel Mayto, bath house construction, Liz & Holly w/ the new babies, Holly trying on her new bouquet, and Holly with baby chiva, Liz & Riley making beer.

Movies: “Bienvenidos” + “Scary Chivita”

View of El Rinconcito, Lovers Beach, Hotel Mayto in foreground, Rancho Sol y Mar Center to Top Right as indicated. (Photographer Unknown).

Interested in Participating???

Have photo galleries from the ranch or the surrounding area to share?Contact: ranchosolymar@gmail.com

*A note on our off-grid RV hookup sites: in that our electricity is limited not only by the size of the system, but also by factors such as weather, and occupancy, direct electric connection for refrigerator and other usages may be supported for short stays, longer term usage usage is limited to battery charging and maintenance. Please see the campground details page for more  further information...

** Available in season and as fruit trees begin to produce beginning spring 2014.

Our awesome former caretakers Tyron & Vanessa (front left) with friends from and visitors to the Mayo community. From left: Vane, Ty, Efren, Estella, ‘Nando, Carla, Delisa, (3 visitors), Maricela, Micky, Freddy & Fernando

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Neighbor Freddie Romero taking Chapipwe for a swim...

Ranch Caretakers Kathryn Warner & Alex Bearne (a.ka. “The Brit’s”) arrived from Wyoming on bicycle for a two day stay - and headed back to jolly olde England nearly a year later.

Baby goats “kidding” around...

Ranch helpers Yamir & Joel (“el Guapo”) finishing new fence line...

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A Warm Welcome 
to our new Education Director Alegra “Ali” Pullen! 
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And Last But Not Least, A Sustainable Thank You!!!

A shout out of thanks for all that have given their love and beautiful, hard working energies over the years to help get us this far. Thank you Liz & Rilely for being the courageous, loving, adventurous spirits you are. Incredible that you braved that first summer here alone and not only survived, but thrived to tell the tale. Sorry about all the baby goat hoove dents in on your jeep! Ty & Vanessa, thanks so much for you amazing hard work, the stairs up the hill, finding & naming Chanchito, seeing the potential in Yamir & Toni, and for everything else you accomplished in your time here. Huge thanks to Katy and Alex for your work transplanting banana trees, planting a hundred oil nut palms, creating a beautiful herb spiral, and caring for all of the fledgling coco palms and mango trees planted previously. Bloody Good Show! Thank you PAt Hennebery & all the beautiful Cobbers for tyour intrepid work on the new house plus the completely awesome new wood fired oven that you created and all the fun social pizza nights that have ensued ever since. Muchos Gracias a Joan, Cedric, and the many other volunteers for your huge efforts making the compressed earth block guest house happen. Mateo, thank you so much for all that you contributed to our building projects, especially the wonderful playground at the school made from recycled tires (we see kids using it all the time!). Eric, thank you for the wild creative energies you brought to our fledgling education program. Tasa, Thank you for coming back, again and again, and contributing your wonderful, calm, loving purpose to the goats, plants, and other animals. Thank you Max for creating the most comfortable, odor free composting toilets in Mexico, and all the other great engineering solutions you came up with for the Cobb house. Grace & Michael, thank you for sharing so much of your amazing talents and enthusiasm - especially Michael, thank you for teaching us old white foagies a few cool new dance steps up there on the hill!  Thanks Samuel for you brilliant urine mixer, and other amazing “out of the box” ideas. And most recently, thank you to Laurel & Nicole for your fine efforts continuing and expanding our Educational Program Offerings! Thank you all! Without spirit energy beings such as yourselves, the world would be a flat, lonely, and much more hopeless place!