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Sustainability Education Center * Retreat Hosting * Lodging

Sustainability Education Center * Retreat Hosting * Lodging

View of Beautiful Mayto Beach from Rancho Sol y Mar!


View of Beautiful Mayto Beach from Rancho Sol y Mar!

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Plant Medicine & Ayahuasca Retreat

Join us at the ranch for our first ever Shamanistic retreat,  Jan. 17-19, 2019. Disconnect from the grid and get in touch with your soul. Spaces limited! 

About Us


Our Mission

“ To promote healthful, sustainable living, education, and construction practices.”


Our vision

“We have been given an incredible opportunity as stewards of this property. Our mission statement is the beacon that guides us in the journey. Together with friends, family, and other participants, we are striving to create a flexible, truly sustainable living environment, that is also a place to explore and disseminate knowledge of how best to live in balance with Mother Nature”


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

The Mexico Diaries: A Sustainable Adventure!

The Rancho Sol y Mar Story!

The Mexico Diaries: A Sustainable Adventure, is a rollicking memoir about moving to rural Mexico to pursue a more sustainable existence. In this fast-paced romp through the Mexican underbrush the reader meets eccentric travelers, corrupt cops, dangerous animals, narco henchmen, colorful locals, and even a dash of Voodoo (!), all while experiencing the joys and sorrows of a rustic ranch life. 

The Mexico Diaries has received a resounding 4.7 star average on Amazon/Kindle (31 reviews) and 4.47 Goodreads average (36 ratings) since its release in September 2018. 

What some of the reviews say:

★★★★★ - Such a great read... thoughtful, funny, witty, and insightful. Dan's writing style is such that he paints a vivid picture of the ranch, their surroundings, and the trials and tribulations that he and Holly experienced on their journey. This is a must read for anyone with an affinity for Mexico, for anyone looking to shake up their mundane lives, and for anyone aligned with sustainable and healthful living. Experiential travel writing at its best! ~ Don C

★★★★★ - A read in a million and one you won't want to miss! ~ Surviving Mexico.com / Book Reviews

★★★★★ - Beautifully written cultural lesson. For anyone thinking of moving to Mexico, this is a must read. And, if like we did, you are living entirely off the grid, it's even more important. ~ Larry Edell (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)

★★★★★ - A visual and magical journey ~ Lee Chapman

★★★★★ - As lively and engaging an account of resettling in Mexico as you’ll encounter, replete with goat wrangling, narcos, scorpions, and a rollicking cast of characters. As Dan and Holly, fleeing their stress-filled US lives, struggle to set up an eco-friendly community along Mexico’s west coast, fiascos and triumphs mark their journey.” - Tony Cohan, Literary Guild Winner and author of NYT's best selling memoir, On Mexican Time. 



Retreat Hosting

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our Sustainability Initiatives


Join us for one of our Retreats or Workshops, or design your own and let us be your full-service hosts! Rancho Sol y Mar can host your group of up to 20 participants. Our focus on sustainability, beautiful natural setting, and location just off one of Mexico's most pristine, swimmable beaches makes us the perfect location for educational workshops or spiritual/restorative retreats. 10% of RSM profits from retreat hosting is donated to The Environmental Defense Fund.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our Sustainability Initiatives


* Hundreds of trees planted

* solar electric systems throughout 

* solar water heating and pumping

* Organic gardens

* Permaculture Food Forest

* Natural Buildings throughout the property

* Organic cheese and egg production

* Support for Local clinic

* Support for local school

* Local hiring at above normal wage

* Educational/Spiritual Retreat Hosting

* Solar Food Dehydrating & Processing

* True "eco" tourism practices


Our Sustainability Initiatives



"I cannot recommend this beautiful ranch highly enough. Breathtaking scenery, great accommodations, fabulous horses and goats,  personal service and a great story. We have been taking our culinary tours once a month with Dan at Rancho Sol y Mar and the experience with them has been a hit with our guests. They are extremely professional and accommodating with our groups. If you looking to unplug, learn, be with nature, and have fun in paradise this is it!"

​~ Paul Mayer, Owner Vallarta Food Tours

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