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Rancho FAQ's

Things to Know before you Go!

Q: Are You Open?


Q: Is it Safe?

A:  In general, Mayto is extremely laid back and safe, people-wise. Snakes and “Alacran” scorpions are the main safety concerns. A tent with a good zipper and common sense cautions, particularly when tromping around in overgrown areas, are the only precautions needed. Leather gloves are recommended for handling firewood. Swimming is generally safe anywhere to the left the rocks in front of Hotel Mayto but getting in and out of the break, right at the beach, can be a little challenging when it’s rough. Lover’s Beach is also safe on calm days. Swimming in TehuaMixtle, a 20 minute walk, or 5 minute drive away, is much calmer and quite safe on all but the roughest days.

For more general questions about safety in Mexico we refer you to Mexico Mikes fine website (http://www.mexicomike.com) as he tends to have the most current, big picture advise for travelers to Mexico. 

We also urge prospective visitors to read and share this document:


An optimistic piece dated November 2012:


For ourselves, we feel that Mexico is an extremely friendly country and that travel is generally safe outside of drug trafficking areas such as Michoacán or the border towns. Statistically, traveling is Mexico is as safe as driving the highways or being a tourist in average U.S. cities. While the cops and narcos do their thing, life for the average Mexican or visitor to Mexico goes on about its peaceful, “tranquilo” way.

Q: Is Food and Water Readily Available? 

A: Yes, however we suggest stocking up on bulk dry foods or specialty supplies in Vallarta, then you can rely on local sources for all of your fresh food needs. (Please Note: There are no ATM's or businesses that accept crdeit/debit cards in within 1 hour drive) We have a cool little veggie + dairy products truck that stops by the ranch twice a week. Mayto Village is about a mile away and has basic taco stands and small tiendas with basic supplies. The water is generally safe plus we have a UV + carbon filtration system for guest use. The fishing village of Tehua Mixtle is a five minute drive, or 30 minute walk away, and has fresh fish & oysters and frozen shrimp available, as well as several good harbor side seafood restaurants. Nearby there are a couple of restaurant options, one of which is a family owned guest house “El Rinconcito” that serves generally excellent food. There's no menu at El Rinconcito and it's group dining.

Q: What are the transportation options, to and from Mayto?

A: There are several options for getting to the ranch from Vallarta. There are inexpensive buses hourly from Vallarta to El Tuito, which is about halfway. You can either hitch (hitching is very common and accepted in this area) or hire a cab from El Tuito for about 500-600 pesos one way or directly from Vallarta (about $80-$100 one way). Our favorite Cab Driver in El Tuito is Javier (he speaks english, is very accommodating, and knows the ranch well) cell: (322) 156-9082, home:(322) 137-5973. Unfortunately there is no longer a bus from between El Tuito and Mayto. 

Q: Are Pets permitted?:

A: Pet Policy: We here at Rancho Sol y Mar love animals and welcome pets that are mellow and quite. Stray, noisy, or aggressive animals are not permitted. 

Pets are provisionally accepted on a case-by-case basis, however (they) will be required to leave the property immediately should their presence create any disturbance to other residents or guests, if they exhibit aggressive behavior, or if they are perceived to be a threat to other ranch animals or wildlife. All pet waste must be picked up. No dogs are permitted to be off leash beyond the garden area going up the hill. No refunds will be given should a pet be required to leave the property. No stray animals may be brought on to the property, fed, or otherwise encouraged to stick around should they show up on their own.

Thank you for helping keep Rancho Sol y Mar a pleasant, tranquil, and safe place for all to enjoy!

Q: What is included in the communal kitchen?

A: Kitchen facilites include U.V. + carbon filter treated water, stove, wash up sinks, outdoor grill, pots and pans, dishware and silverware. 

Q: What should I bring? 

A: Please see our downloadable packing list below.

Q: How do I apply for apprenticeship, work exchange, volunteer, or other opportunities for involvement with 

Rancho Sol y Mar?

A: Please see our "Get Involved" page



Packing List (pdf)